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Douglas D. Dirks
President and Chief Executive Officer of Employers Holdings, Inc.

Lenard T. Ormsby
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel

William E. Yocke
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Ann W. Nelson
Executive Vice President, Corporate & Public Affairs

John P. Nelson
Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer

Stephen V. Festa
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Richard P. Hallman
Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Cecelia M. Abraham
Senior Vice President, Chief Underwriting Officer

David M. Quezada
Senior Vice President, General Manager, Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

Mark R. Hogle
Senior Vice President, Regional Manager, Eastern Region

Bryan Ware
Senior Vice President, Chief Actuary

Russel J. Newman
Senior Vice President, Chief Sales Officer

Barry J. Vogt
Senior Vice President, Chief Claims Officer

Acronyms and Terms

  • EAC (Employers Assurance Company )
  • ECIC (Employers Compensation Insurance Company)
  • EGI (Employers Group, Inc.)
  • EICN (Employers Insurance Company of Nevada)
  • EIS (Elite Insurance Services, Inc.)
  • EOH (Employers Occupational Health, Inc.)
  • EPIC (Employers Preferred Insurance Company)
  • The Fund (Nevada State Industrial Insurance System)