EMPLOYERS® has established procedures to promote the effective governance of the organization in the interests of our stakeholders. EMPLOYERS is committed to doing business ethically and in compliance with legal requirements. Here we share the guidelines, codes and charters that help our employees, corporate officers and Board of Directors fulfill their responsibility to our shareholders.

Corporate Governance Guidelines

The following guidelines, policies, codes of business conduct and ethics have been adopted and cover directors, officers and employees.

Board Charters

The following three charters (Audit, Compensation, and Nominating and Governance) define and explain the role and operation of the respective committees of EMPLOYERS Board of Directors.

Board of Directors Contact

Employers Holdings, Inc.
c/o Chief Legal Officer
10375 Professional Circle
Reno, Nevada 89521-4802

Please indicate whether your message is for the Board, an individual director, or a particular group or committee of directors.