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Safety Improvement

EMPLOYERS® approach to Loss Control focuses on improving safety results and potential cost savings. We provide a four-step model which targets prevention as the primary means of reducing injury frequency and severity.

Our Four-Step Loss Control service model includes:

  • Evaluation: This establishes the foundation upon which policyholders’ injury and illness prevention efforts are based. The objective is to clearly identify opportunities to improve your safety programs.

  • Action Planning & Problem Solving: Our safety professionals can help you develop action plans based on the initial evaluation described above.

  • Implementation: Our safety resource materials can help policyholders implement an effective safety improvement plan.

  • Measurement: Our loss analysis report can help demonstrate the effectiveness of our policyholders’ safety efforts.
Our Loss Control service is based on the principle that worksite accidents should not be considered a "cost of doing business.” We help our policyholders focus on solutions tailored to the individual needs of their business.