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Why Reporting a Workers’ Compensation Claim Immediately Can Minimize Costs

When an employee gets hurt on the job, it’s important for policyholders or the injured worker to report a claim to their workers’ compensation carrier as quickly as possible. Reporting a claim immediately is a major step in minimizing claim costs and providing peace of mind for injured workers and policyholders.

“When we receive the claims as quickly as possible, we can ensure that the injured workers are receiving appropriate medical care, timely medical care and that assists in their recovery,” said Carla Woodard, EMPLOYERS® Director of Claims. “It gets them back to work more quickly. That, in and of itself, translates to a happier employee, and it reduces claims costs, which obviously impacts the employers themselves.”

In addition to that, EMPLOYERS can speak to the injured employee to make sure all bases are covered in the process.

“We can have the opportunity to explain workers’ compensation to injured workers, investigate the claim, and do what we need to do up-front in order to make sure they receive the benefits they deserve, but that we also protect the employer, if in fact there is a claim that is questionable,” Woodard said.

It’s also important for the policyholder or injured worker to try to be prepared with as much information as possible when calling to report the claim, so that we’re able to contact the appropriate parties and know how to manage the claim from day one.

Try to have the injured worker’s name, date of birth, address, contact information, social security number, what type of injury and if there’s any lost time.

“If they’re off work, or they anticipate they might be off work, that’s something we need to know, in order to really be able to explain benefits to that injured worker when we call them,” Woodard said.

Here are two easy ways to report a claim with EMPLOYERS:

We offer two convenient phone numbers that are available 24-7 to report a claim. Both numbers are staffed with team members fluent in both English and Spanish, with accommodations for other languages.

The first is the Injured Employee Hotline at 855-365-6010. Use this number to report a new work-related injury or illness when the employee has not received medical treatment yet. You’ll also have access to registered nurses who are specially trained to provide nurse triage and medical guidance.

To report a new work-related injury or illness when the employee has already received medical treatment, call EMPLOYERS Customer Service Center at 888-682-6671.

Injured employees who have not yet sought medical treatment will be transferred to our Injured Employee Hotline.

Remember, for all injuries or illnesses that require immediate assistance, please call 911.

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