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Why EMPLOYERS® Emphasizes Good Customer Experience

Welcome to this edition of EMPLOYERS® at Work where EMPLOYERS Social Media Manager, Adam Varahachaikol, gives you a behind the scenes look at the workers’ compensation insurance industry.

EMPLOYERS is passionate about customer service and continually thrives to enhance the customer experience.

“Customer service is the keystone to any good business,” said Kristi Morales, EMPLOYERS Customer Service Specialist III. “When you are focusing on your customer service as a business, your business is successful because your customers want to do business with you. Your customers leave you with a sense of knowing that you care about them, and your business will grow.”

The EMPLOYERS Customer Service Center takes thousands of calls a day from policyholders across the nation wanting to report an injury or claim, inquire about an existing claim, get assistance with their policy and more.

Individually, our customer service specialists handle upwards of 90 calls a day, so you can imagine the focus it takes to provide the best possible customer service on each call and ensure all their needs are met in a timely manner.

“You want to make sure you’re helping the customer, but you also want to make sure you’re respecting the time of others,” Morales said. “You have to kind of balance that out.”

Our teams work together to support each other to maintain a positive environment.

“I come in about 15 minutes early,” said Jacqueline Austin, EMPLOYERS Customer Service Specialist I. “I walk around, see who’s in, speak to my colleagues and start my day. At the beginning of my shift, I say, ‘job well done,’ and that’s at the end of my shift as well. I say that to make sure I’m going to have a good day.”

“I’m a team cheerleader,” Morales said. “I start by sending out a positive message to my team, reviewing how we did the day before, and sending out kudos and sending an inspirational quote or whatever that may be. Then, I review my personal goals for the day. Then I get on the phone and help customers. I’m not satisfied until I’ve helped each and every person I’ve come across in the day.”

To thrive in this type of customer service role, you have to be a people-person and have a passion for enhancing the customer experience.

“I have my own personal philosophy about customer service – no two people are the same,” Morales said. “You have to really listen to what the customer is telling you, and just listen for cues as to what it is they’re expecting and kind of mirror that and let them know that you’ve listened to what their concerns are. You make sure to acknowledge that they’re heard and that their concerns are going to be met and you’re doing everything you can to assist them.”

“I make sure I’m answering all their questions, is there anything else I can assist them with? Are they having a good day?” Austin said. “Normally, I say, ‘how is your day going today?’ So, I just make sure that if something is not right, what am I here for? ‘Can I help you?’ ‘Can I make it a little easier?’ ‘Can I direct you to the right channel?’ so that it can go good because we never know what someone else is going through.”

While it can be a challenging job at times, both Kristi and Jacqueline say it’s rewarding.

“I meet new friends,” Austin said. “I meet people all over the world. I never know their background, but if I can make them happy at the end of the day, that’s my job. Sometimes, it’s not easy. Sometimes, someone calls in, they’re not having a good day. I can’t assume they’re not, but I can tell by their voice, but at the end of the call, I’m going to see if I can make them happy. I always say, ‘enjoy the rest of your day, don’t work so hard.’”

“The most rewarding part is, if you’ve had a difficult customer, somebody who comes onto the phone and they’re really upset, and they’re angry; you work through that and you work with them and at the end of the call, they say ‘thank you,'” Morales said. “That to me is so rewarding. Then, on top of that, the acknowledgement from your leadership. My leadership is awesome here. We are constantly told how well we’re doing and given feedback about how well we’re doing. It really is nice to get a pat on the back, and that just makes it so rewarding and just makes you happy to come into work every day.”

If EMPLOYERS policyholders want to reach out to our Customer Service Center to report an injury or claim, inquire about an existing claim or have any other inquires, give them a call at 888-682-6671.

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