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Inside Fraud Prevention:

Our Fraud Investigations Department’s Anti-Fraud Program discourages individuals from attempting workers’ compensation fraud. Those that cannot be deterred from committing acts of fraud are aggressively pursued and prosecuted.

Anti-Fraud Program Advantages:

  • Cases of potential fraud investigated by our Fraud Investigations Department and referred to law enforcement have resulted in more than 150 criminal complaints and 80 criminal convictions since 2003.

  • The anti-fraud program has produced savings of over $44 million since 2003, helping to protect incurred loss amounts.

  • Formal anti-fraud training is provided on a continuing basis to all our staff members who deal with claim files or policies of insurance.

  • The investigation of criminal fraud is completely integrated into the basic claim investigation functions.

  • Our anti-fraud materials, posters, payroll stuffers and the Top 10 Warning Signs of Workers’ Compensation Fraud informative flyer are available to our policyholders.

  • We offer a “Fraud Hotline” and dedicated e-mail address 24 hours per day, seven days a week (including holidays), for the reporting of suspected workers’ compensation fraud.