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  • Risk Evaluation: Our Loss Control professionals can help our policyholders evaluate the effectiveness of their health and safety programs. They can also help train a staff to recognize and correct worksite hazards.

  • Comprehensive Loss/Cause Analysis: Using a data-driven analytical process to identify loss patterns and trends, our Loss Control Consultants can help our policyholders focus on the root causes of accidents and injuries.

  • Resources: EMPLOYERS® maintains an extensive resource library that can help our policyholders meet their safety program needs.

  • Industrial Hygiene and Ergonomic Services: Our Loss Control Consultants can assist in recognizing, evaluating and controlling risk factors that may lead to injuries, such as:

    • harmful chemical substances
    • biological contaminants
    • hazardous physical agents
    • musculoskeletal disorders (MSD)
Our goal is to help identify health hazards, evaluate their effect and recommend ways to minimize or eliminate them.