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Better, faster claims service.

Using innovative tools, our Claims Services Department is able to handle your business insurance claims fairly, promptly and efficiently. These tools provide rapid action for our small business insurance policyholders after an injury claim is reported.

Claims Reporting Center available 24/7 – Our network of experienced, workers’ compensation experts helps with insurance claims and injuries at work. Our claims professionals execute prompt three-point contact with the physician, employer and injured worker to help control insurance claims costs.

Managed Care Services:

  • Selected cases evaluated by Nurse Care Managers upon claim inception to facilitate appropriate medical care.
  • Provider Network development and management.
  • Utilization Review by experienced health care professionals.

Dedicated Subrogation Resources that compare favorably against the National Association of Subrogation Professionals 2005 benchmark study. Current year-to-date gross recoveries as a percent of total paid: EMPLOYERS (2.69%), Regional Carriers (2.05%), Primary Writers (2.17%).

Fraud Prevention Specialists – EMPLOYERS' Fraud Investigations Department operates a comprehensive Anti-Fraud Program that discourages individuals from attempting to commit fraud and pursues the criminal prosecution of those who will not be deterred.

Loss Control – Through results-oriented services, EMPLOYERS strives to help policyholders reduce accident frequency and severity. Through assisted worksite safety assessments, the potential for loss can be identified, leading to improved safety performance, a paramount goal for any business.

We continue to look for ways to expand services for our small business insurance policyholders. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Center for more information.

State regulations determine the availability and restrictions on some programs. Contact your independent agent or local sales representative for program availability.


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