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EMPLOYERS® - Connecticut

Connecticut is known as the Nutmeg State, and is thesouthernmost state in New England. Connecticut’s Workers’ Compensation Act requires that businesses provideworkers’ compensation coverage to their employees.  Through this no-fault system, employeesreceive wage replacement benefits and medical treatment for work-relatedinjuries and illnesses.  In exchange,employers receive assurance that the workers’ compensation system is the exclusiveremedy available to injured workers .1

The amount of wage-loss and indemnity benefits is dependenton the degree of disability, its duration, and the body part affected (in thecase of partial disability).  In mostcases, the compensation rate is based on the employee’s average weekly wage forthe 52 weeks immediately preceding the injury or illness.2

EMPLOYERS offers quality, cost-effective workers’compensation insurance to employers in Connecticut, covering small businessesin Hartford, New Haven, and throughout Connecticut. 

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In Connecticut, insurance is offered through EmployersCompensation Insurance Company, Employers Preferred Insurance Company, andEmployers Assurance Company.


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