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As one of the original 13 colonies, Georgia has a history as vivid as the United States itself. From the former colonial capital in Savannah on the Atlantic Coast, to the University of Georgia in Athens, the Peach State is one of the fastest growing in the nation. Atlanta is a major cultural and economic hub in the US. With its warm climate and fertile soil, the agricultural industry has long played a major role in Georgia’s economy. Today, the state is among the nation’s top producers of chicken, eggs, peanuts, cotton, peaches, and tomatoes. Beyond farm and field, twenty-six Fortune 1000 companies have headquarters in Georgia, including Home Depot, UPS, Coca Cola, Delta Air Lines, and Aflac.

With an ever-expanding economy based on the communications industry, food production, transportation, tourism, and government, Georgia’s State Board of Workers’ Compensation serves over a quarter million employers and 3.8 million employees. Prior to the establishment of the Workers’ Compensation Act, workers injured on the job could not expect benefits such as compensation for lost wages and medical bills. Employees who were injured could sue, which could result in forcing small companies out of business.

Today, an employee in Georgia who is injured on the job is likely eligible for replacement of lost wages, vocational rehabilitation services, and medical payments. These and other benefits are paid regardless of negligence or fault, and also provide employers with limited liability.

Any business with three or more part-time or full-time employees, including public corporations and nonprofits, is obligated to obtain workers’ compensation coverage through private insurance or self-insurance programs. Some of the small businesses purchasing workers’ compensation insurance in Georgia are auto service and repair shops, restaurants, hotels, printers, machine shops, plastic molders, clothing manufactures, and professional employers like physicians and colleges.

EMPLOYERS is America's Workers' Comp Specialist®, and it provides small businesses in Georgia with competitive rates on workers' compensation insurance policies. The value added services that EMPLOYERS offers our policyholders, such as Loss Control Services, PrecisePay®, Anti-Fraud Programs, Managed Care Services, and Premium Audit, make EMPLOYERS a great choice for Georgia businesses.

In Georgia, EMPLOYERS writes policies through Employers Preferred Insurance Company and Employers Assurance Company.

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In Georgia, insurance is offered through Employers Compensation Insurance Company, Employers Assurance Company and Employers Preferred Insurance Company, Not all insurers do business in all jurisdictions.