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Louisiana is the home of a diverse biosphere whose flora and fauna add an unrivaled beauty to the state while powering some of its most important industries, such as logging and commercial fishing. The state’s resources also include rich soil deposited from the Mississippi river as sediment, as well as ocean coastline and opportunities for offshore oil exploration and freight shipping.

Louisiana’s unique combination of industries include aerospace, entertainment, and advanced manufacturing, making it a place where economic growth and opportunity are both as diverse and as abundant as its wildlife. Low tax burdens and incentive programs help keep Louisiana attractive to small businesses.1

Businesses operating in Louisiana are required to provide comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance for all their employees. This helps ensure protection for workers in the event of a work-related injury or illness. Employers with as little as one employee must carry workers’ compensation insurance. This applies to all industries, to both part- and full-time workers, and to minors and seasonal workers as well. 2

EMPLOYERS offers state-compliant, affordable workers’ compensation insurance to businesses in the Creole State, no matter how small the business.

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