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Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Maine Businesses1

Maine requires that most employers obtain workers’ compensation insurance, including all privately-owned businesses, as well as state and municipal entities. Workers’ compensation insurance helps protect your employees and your business in the event of an employee’s work-related injury or illness. By not carrying workers’ compensation insurance, you may leave your business exposed to the full cost of required payments due to a workers’ compensation claim. Your employees could also suffer potential delays in receiving adequate medical treatment following a worksite injury or illness. You may also face civil penalties of up to $10,000 or 108 percent of the premiums that should have been paid during your time without coverage.

Cost -Effective Workers’ Compensation Insurance

EMPLOYERS has an exceptional history of serving the workers’ compensation insurance needs of small business owners. From the rocky shores to the lush pine forests, EMPLOYERS provides cost-effective workers’ compensation insurance and services for Maine Businesses. Contact us today to get a quote from a local insurance agent.

1 An Employer’s Guide to Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Maine