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With its close proximity to Washington DC, Maryland’s economy is strongly influenced by the federal government and is strongly driven by bioresearch, the defense and aerospace industries, and federal administrative work. The Chesapeake Bay State is also famous for its seafood; Maryland’s commercial fishing industry delivers Chesapeake blue crab, striped bass, and oysters to diners across the globe. Maryland’s fertile landscape supports a thriving farming sector which provides vegetables such as sweet corn, tomatoes, and cucumbers to accompany those seafood plates.

From tractors to fishing boats and more, Maryland supports more than 109,000 small businesses which provide work to over 1.1 million employees. Together, Maryland’s small businesses have an annual payroll of $45.7 billion—a figure equal to 47% of the Maryland’s total payroll.1 Maryland classifies 88% of its independent firms as “microenterprises,” businesses with a net worth under $100,000 which employ five or fewer workers.

Micro or macro, in Maryland every business with one or more employee is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, with the only exception being made for Maryland’s agricultural employers that employee less than 3 employees or have an annual full-time payroll which does not exceed $15,000.Among the top businesses purchasing workers’ compensation in Maryland are auto repair and services, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and professional employers such as colleges, doctors, and libraries.

EMPLOYERS is America's Workers' Comp Specialist®, and it provides Maryland-based businesses with workers' compensation insurance that is cost-effective and affordable. The value added services that EMPLOYERS offers its policyholders include Loss Control Services, Anti-Fraud Programs, and Managed Care Services. 

In Maryland, EMPLOYERS writes policies through  Employers Preferred Insurance Company and  Employers Assurance Company.

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1) Economy,” Maryland Department of Business & Economic Development, 2014,

In Maryland, insurance is offered through Employers Compensation Insurance Company, Employers Assurance Company and Employers Preferred Insurance Company, Not all insurers do business in all jurisdictions.