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From the 8,000-foot-deep Hell’s Canyon to Mount Hood’s towering 11,239 foot peak, Oregon is home to some of the most beautiful mountains, rivers, and coastal wonders in the world. Traditionally, these natural resources provided a basis for Oregon’s fishing, timber, and agricultural industries. But in the twenty-first century, the Oregon economy has become much more diversified and includes thriving tourist and technology sectors. The state is home to world-class public corporations which specialize in footwear, sportswear, semiconductor, and aerospace manufacturing.

Beyond its Fortune 500 companies, the economy of the Beaver State is largely driven by small businesses, which represent nearly 98 percent of all private-sector employers. More than 55 percent of Oregonians work for small businesses.1Whether a company is manufacturing microchips or pulling salmon from the Pacific Ocean, employers are required to adhere to Oregon’s workers’ compensation laws. In Oregon, it is compulsory for all employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance, even if there is only one part-time worker in the organization.2

Workers’ comp makes good business sense because it is no-fault insurance, providing protection to workers injured or killed on the job regardless of who is at fault for the accident. While delivering financial and medical benefits to injured employees, the payments are the exclusive remedy for the victim. By providing workers’ compensation insurance, employers are protected from costly lawsuits.

The leading independent businesses purchasing workers’ compensation insurance in Oregon are auto service and repair shops, restaurants and hotels, professional employees of colleges, grocery store workers, and employees of country and golf clubs.

In Oregon, EMPLOYERS offers workers’ compensation insurance and services through Employers Preferred Insurance Company, Employers Compensation Insurance Company, and Employers Assurance Company.

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In Oregon, Workers' compensation insurance and services are offered through Employers Preferred Insurance Company, Employers Compensation Insurance Company, Employers Insurance Company of Nevada and Employers Assurance Company. EIG Services, Inc. (in California, dba EIG Insurance Services) is an affiliated agency and adjuster. Not all insurers do business in all jurisdictions.