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"The Northern Hotel in Billings, MT was recently renovated to retake its place as the finest hotel in Montana. When it came time to select a workers' compensation carrier, Mike Nelson (General Manager) evaluated EMPLOYERS based on a long-term strategy. He looked for an insurance carrier that would understand the unique culture of his property and one that would provide stabilized pricing through proactive workplace safety initiatives. EMPLOYERS was chosen by Northern’s team to provide its management and staff with the security and stability they need to become the employer of choice in Montana’s largest and most vibrant city."

Mike Nelson
General Manager
The Northern Hotel

"Our company has been insured with EMPLOYERS for the last two years and we’ve been pleased with the excellent service we’ve received from everyone we’ve worked with there. Their dedication to helping us with our loss prevention programs has been great and they have always been prompt and efficient in getting us any information we require. We have been very satisfied with their service and commitment to our company."

Danny Meador
Sales Manager
Rehkopf Enterprises, Inc.

“I’ve been insured with EMPLOYERS for many years and, during that time, their Loss Control and Claims Departments have worked hard to provide me with the information and resources I needed to help lower my experience modification from 1.46% to 0.86%. That’s a huge difference from when I first started with them.  Other carriers are constantly contacting me, hoping to quote my workers’ comp policy; however no one can match the service and heart EMPLOYERS provides.  Keep up the great work!”

Rich Gagliardi
Waterway Cafe
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