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Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Vermont Businesses

Vermont has been a growth center that has supported local industry and encouraged thriving business development ever since the state’s inception as the first to join the Union after the original 13. From technology to manufacturing, hotels to retail, Vermont has built a tenacious economy with excellent growth potential for small business owners.

Understanding Vermont Workers’ Compensation for Business Owners1

Vermont law requires workers’ compensation coverage under a no-fault system. In this system, Vermont workers’ compensation law provides coverage for work-related injuries or illnesses regardless of who was at fault. This allows for faster remediation and payment of claims while saving employers both the time and expenses involved with litigation.

Is Workers’ Compensation Required in Vermont?

Unless you have been approved to self-insure by the Department of Labor, Vermont requires that you buy workers’ compensation insurance if you hire one or more employees on a full or part-time basis within the state, or if you hire employees outside the state, and those employees work for the business in Vermont.

Incurring Penalties for Failure to Insure

If a Vermont employer fails to secure appropriate workers’ compensation insurance coverage, penalties may be incurred. These penalties begin at $100 per day and can increase if you fail to secure insurance coverage within five days of receiving notice from the state. If such a failure is assessed, fines increase to $250 per day. Continued failure to cover your business with an appropriate workers’ compensation policy can leave you vulnerable to lawsuits, or, even worse, lead to closure of your business by the state.

Getting Coverage with EMPLOYERS

Choosing the right workers’ compensation insurance carrier is a smart move to protect your business and your employees. With over 100 years of experience and an A- (Excellent) rating by A.M Best, you can trust that we will be there when you need us most. From Mount Mansfield to Lake Champlain, we provide cost-effective workers’ compensation insurance to Vermont businesses.

Contact us to get a quote from a Vermont insurance agent and learn about our strategic approach to workers’ compensation insurance which focuses on resources and value added services that protect your business today and set your business up for success in the future.

1 Vermont Business Owners’ Guide to Workers’ Compensation Insurance