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Wisconsin is a diverse state with  a strong economy largely built on agriculture and manufacturing. The state produces a quarter of America’s butter and cheese and is the nation’s number two milk producer.  Wisconsin is celebrated far and wide as “America’s Dairyland.” It is also a major producer of paper products and packaging, beer, medtech devices, and transportation equipment. With its crystalline lakes, towering pines, winding rivers stretching from Lake Superior and Lake Michigan to the Wisconsin Dells and the Mississippi River, tourism is the state’s third largest industry.

In Wisconsin, employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation is “no-fault” insurance that provides financial and medical benefits to workers injured or killed on the job.1

In 1911, individual U.S. states began implementing laws requiring businesses to carry workers’ compensation coverage, Wisconsin being the first state to enact workers' compensation laws. Along with compensation and medical treatment for the employee, the new laws established limits on the obligations of businesses for workplace exposures, making costs more predictable and affordable.  This is important for the more than 113,000 small businesses located in Wisconsin.2

The leading independent businesses purchasing workers’ compensation insurance in Wisconsin are auto service and repair shops, restaurants and hotels, professional employees of colleges, grocery store workers, and employees of country and golf clubs.

In 2011, the state’s litigation rate for workers’ compensation claims was among the lowest in the United States. Additionally, in surveys, injured workers in the state reported the highest satisfaction with the health care they received after an injury on the job5. With small firms making up nearly 98 percent of Wisconsin businesses, these figures are important for the small businesses of Wisconsin.

EMPLOYERS is America's Workers' Comp Specialist®, and it provides Wisconsin-based businesses with workers' compensation insurance that is cost-effective and affordable. The value added services that EMPLOYERS offers its policyholders include Loss Control Services, Anti-Fraud Programs, and Managed Care Services. 

In Wisconsin, EMPLOYERS writes policies through  Employers Assurance Company and Employers Preferred Insurance Company.

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In Wisconsin, insurance is offered through Employers Compensation Insurance Company, Employers Assurance Company and Employers Preferred Insurance Company, Not all insurers do business in all jurisdictions.