EMPLOYERS® Empowers Agents to Work From Home

With technology investments from EMPLOYERS, you can bring your office anywhere

With more than one-fifth of Americans being asked to “shelter in place,” agents are working from home at unprecedented rates. This can pose a number of challenges in terms of convenience, access, communication and so much more. EMPLOYERS has made a significant investment in technology that will help our agents overcome these challenges. 

EMPLOYERS empowers agents in the following ways:

1. Online Self Service Endorsements
Self-Service Endorsements functionality allows you to more quickly and efficiently submit your endorsement requests online. With our Self-Service Endorsements capabilities, you can easily process and/or request changes to:

  • Mailing Addresses
  • Payroll on existing locations
  • Add locations and payroll for existing states and classifications
  • Change and expire existing business locations
  • Multiple policy term endorsement processing

Watch a Demo of Online Endorsements            Self-Service Endorsements Frequently Asked Questions

2. IVANS Download™ IVANS eDocs™
IVANS Insurance Solutions, eDocs and Data Download functionality will eliminate re-keying of data with easier policy administration and provide a single electronic workflow:


  • Provide a secure and managed alternative to e-mail, mail and fax
  • Synchronize policy data between EMPLOYERS and your agency
  • Streamline the process to drive agency efficiency
  • Secure data processing to safeguard information exchange
  • Give more time to concentrate on service and revenue generating activities

Learn more about IVANS Download™

Is IVANS Download™ not right for you? EMPLOYERS eDelivery policy document system is also an efficient way to electronically receive copies of policy documents and notices without managing all of that physical mail. Email amanagement@employers.com to turn off the paper and get set up with EMPLOYERS eDelivery.

3. Real-Time Quoting Powered by Appulate
With Real-Time Quoting Powered by Appulate, agents can now quickly and easily upload data directly from their agency management system and obtain an instant quote for workers’ compensation risks using their free online Appulate account.


  • Free service offered to EMPLOYERS appointed agents
  • Works with any agency management system
  • Saves time in the submission process by uploading completed data from a .pdf or your agency management system into Appulate’s smart questionnaire
  • Reduces data entry time by not having to rekey data
  • Instant Quote and Bind from one platform
  • Electronic signing for agents and insureds
  • eLearning is available for easy on-demand training via Appulate

Learn More About Appulate & Watch an Overview Video

Making insurance so easy, you can do it in your bunny slippers!®


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