EMPLOYERS Insurance Strategic Partners and Alliances



The EMPLOYERS Strategic Partnerships & Alliances group works to form mutually-beneficial relationships with companies offering products that can be seamlessly bundled with EMPLOYERS' workers’ compensation insurance and services.

These alliances offer the advantage of combining brand strength and marketing resources to produce results neither business could easily achieve alone.

For more than a decade, EMPLOYERS has pioneered similar partner relationships with major Fortune 500 companies and small, private concerns.

Building on this success, Strategic Partnerships & Alliances focuses on creating high-value programs integrating workers’ compensation coverage with complementary partner offerings.

Integrating your product with EMPLOYERS workers’ compensation insurance can help attract new business and improve customer retention by offering the benefit of flexible billing options and reduced administrative hassle while, at the same time, helping to improve cash flow.

For more information about Strategic Partnerships opportunities with EMPLOYERS, please send us an email at: strategicpartnerships@employers.com