EMPLOYERS® Managed Care Services

We minimize downtime for your injured workers by partnering with carefully selected healthcare providers, expert physician advisors, nurses and claims professionals that provide quality, cost-appropriate, and timely care.

Quality, Timely Care for Injured Workers

We want to minimize downtime for injured workers and our policyholders, but we also want injured workers to receive timely, cost-appropriate care services. As a leading business insurance company, our goal is to offer all the benefits of EMPLOYERS managed care.

EMPLOYERS workers’ compensation insurance partners with healthcare providers, expert physician advisors, nurses, and other experienced care management staff to promote quality patient care. We aim to cut downtime and costs associated with work-related injuries or occupational disease.

Our Managed Care Services May Include:

Note: Services are not available in all states.

EMPLOYERS Managed Care Services formerly part of Employers Occupational Health, Inc. (EOH).