Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premium Audit Services

All businesses that carry workers’ compensation insurance must complete annual premium audits. Workers’ compensation policy premiums are based on estimates you provide at the time of your insurance application, or estimated payrolls reported through a pay-as-you-go program such as EMPLOYERS PrecisePay®. At the end of your annual policy period, a final premium audit is conducted to determine if you paid the appropriate amount for your workers’ compensation insurance. Your final premium audit is based on actual payroll, operations and job classifications for the expired coverage period.

EMPLOYERS Now Offers Online Premium Audits!

Often times, workers’ compensation premium audits require you to fill out numerous paper documents and mail them back to your insurance carrier. This can make the audit process feel complex and time consuming. At EMPLOYERS, we’ve simplified the process by offering online premium audits! This allows you to complete your audit more quickly and easily, so you can get back to doing what you do best – servicing your customers and growing your business!

Features of EMPLOYERS Online Premium Audit functionality

If you are not yet an EMPLOYERS policyholder, talk to your agent today and ask for EMPLOYERS workers’ compensation insurance, or request a quote now!

*Please note that premium audit processing time varies by policy, and not all policies are eligible for one-day processing.

Other Types of EMPLOYERS Workers’ Compensation Premium Audits

In addition to online premium audits, EMPLOYERS offers 3 other audit types listed below. The type of audit you receive usually depends on the size of your policy, the industry in which you operate and the location(s) of your business.

Helpful Premium Audit Tips and Resources

How to Prepare for your Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premium Audit

The most important step in preparing for your premium audit is to have the appropriate records organized and available for your audit. This includes:

For more on the premium audit process and what to expect and how to prepare, check out our premium audit blog articles: