Agent Marketing Toolbox (AMT)

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Our online Agent Marketing Toolbox (AMT) is available to all appointed agents, and provides 24×7 access to key advertising, marketing and public relations information available from EMPLOYERS®.

The AMT enables you to produce co-brandable marketing materials to help personalize your sales efforts. Logging in is a breeze with our single sign on system, meaning you won’t need to worry about remembering another user name and password–use the same login information you use for EACCESS®.

You can also navigate to the AMT from inside EACCESS, on the Dashboard you’ll see Agent Marketing Toolbox listed under “Quick Links”. Want to learn more? Watch our complete walkthrough tutorial video or check out the quick features below to get started today!

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Custom Content Inside the AMT

The Agent Marketing Toolbox gives EMPLOYERS agents the opportunity to personalize documents in just a few simple clicks. Here are some of the most popular custom content options available for agents who like to add a more personal touch to their policyholders and prospect communications.

Welcome Materials

Interested in creating your own personalized Welcome Letter?
Start now!

Industry-Specific Content Options

Want to create a custom industry brochure for yourself? Search the collection now!

Already have a small business in mind?

Explore the collection now to see all the different industry options we offer.

Prospecting Materials

Ready to try a new cross-sell campaign together?

Log in and search “Cross Sell” now to easily personalize your own letter.

Contests & Promotions

There are no active contests or promotions at this time.

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