Report Your Claim and Get Support

We’re here for you, starting with an easy claims reporting process.

To report a new work-related injury or occupational disease, please do so via one of the options below. If this is a medical emergency, please call 911.

Save time, report online

If you are an EMPLOYERS® policyholders or agent, log in to EACCESS® and use our online reporting tool to submit the claim information we need, fast.

Log in to EACCESS

Need medical treatment?

Injured employees who have not yet received medical treatment can call the Injured Employee Hotline to speak with nurses trained to offer non-emergency medical guidance.

(855) 365-6010

Additional Claim Reporting Options

  •   Email us at
  •   Send a fax to (877) 329-2954.
  •   Call our 24/7 Customer Service Center at (888) 682-6671.

Claim Reporting Resources

It is important to report your claim quickly – ideally within 24 hours of the injury – to help the injured employee get the necessary medical attention he or she needs. Check out these helpful claim reporting resources to give you peace of mind during a stressful time: