Claims Resources for Agents

Helpful Tools for Assisting your Clients Through the Claims Process

Addressing your customers’ questions and helping them through the claims process when one of their employees is injured or becomes ill on the job can be overwhelming. You can count on EMPLOYERS® to help you support your customers. Below you’ll find the claims tools and resources you need to quickly serve your customers.

Report a Claim

EMPLOYERS offers five convenient claim reporting options, all available 24/7.

Save time, report online

EMPLOYERS policyholders and agents can log in to EACCESS® and use our online reporting tool to submit the claim information we need, fast. Just click “Start Claim” on the left side of your EACCESS dashboard to begin.

Log in to EACCESS

Need medical treatment?

Injured employees who have not yet received medical treatment can call the Injured Employee Hotline to speak with nurses trained to offer non-emergency medical guidance.

(855) 365-6010

Additional Claim Reporting Options

  •   Email us at
  •   Send a fax to (877) 329-2954.
  •   Call our 24/7 Customer Service Center at (888) 682-6671.

View Claim Status

The status of claims you have submitted and those submitted by your customers can be viewed within your EACCESS account. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to EACCESS.
  2. Click My Policies on the left side.
  3. Select the appropriate policy, if multiple policies are listed.
  4. Ensure the appropriate policy term is active on the right side.
  5. Click Claims.

Online Claims Resources

Our online resources are full of valuable information designed to educate your customers, their injured employees and yourself about the claims process at EMPLOYERS.

Claims Resources for Business Owners

Direct your customers to resources that help them navigate the claims process.

Check out resources

Claims Resources for Injured Workers

Share an online guide for injured workers that walks them through the claims process.

See More

State Claims Kits

Easily download claims kits and individual claims-related documents tailored to your state.

Access State Claims Kits

Pharmacy Benefits & Medical Provider Locator

Guide injured workers to an authorized healthcare provider in their area.

Look Up Provider

Managed Care Services

Learn about our cooperative effort aimed at minimizing employee downtime and lowering costs.

Learn more

Return to Work Program

Discover how we facilitate a prompt return to work as soon as an injured employee’s health allows.

Find Out More

Fraud Prevention

Share strategies for preventing workers’ comp fraud with your customers.

Learn Strategies

Report a Claim

EMPLOYERS offers five convenient ways to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Submit a Claim

Risk Advisory Services

Solutions for minimizing claims costs and nurturing a positive workplace culture by focusing on safety.

Prioritize Safety

Claims FAQs for Injured Workers

Get the answers to questions frequently asked by injured workers regarding claims.

Read Claims FAQs

Downloadable Claims Resources

Check out the following flyers and handouts from Agent Marketing Toolkit (AMT) to help you inform customers and prospects about EMPLOYERS’s claims services.

Policyholder Guide – Handling an Employee Injury and Workers’ Compensation Claim


Injured Worker Guide – Taking Care of You: A Guide to Handling Your Workplace Injury


Flyer – How to Report a Claim


Flyer – Claims Management


Flyer – Offsite Transitional Duty


Flyer – Injured Employee Hotline for Policyholders


Flyer – Injured Employee Hotline for Employees


Flyer – Injured Employee Hotline for Agents