EMPLOYERS Return to Work Program

We Help Your Injured Employees Get Back to Work

Our return to work program strives to minimize downtime and help get your employees back to work as quickly as their medical condition allows. An Early Return to Work program has numerous potential benefits:

More Benefits of a Return to Work Program

Collaboration among the injured employee, employer and treating physician can facilitate early return to work. Early return to work benefits may include the following:

EMPLOYERS Offsite Transitional Duty Program

A shorter recovery period often results in a quicker return to regular job duties, which benefits both your employee and your business. From the onset of any claim, your claim adjuster will be looking for opportunities to transition the injured employee back to work. There are often times when you as the employer are unable to make accommodations to facilitate return to work in a modified capacity when the employee has certain physical restrictions.

For cases like these, EMPLOYERS works with Genex to offer an Off-Site Transitional Duty Program that provides short-term work assignments for employees who have temporary medical restrictions that cannot be accommodated by their employer. It is a structured return-to-work program that provides meaningful and productive work at local non-profit organizations.

Learn more about the EMPLOYERS Offsite Transitional Duty Program.