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Workers' Compensation Insurance

EMPLOYERS focuses on workers’ compensation insurance and services for America’s small businesses. With operations from coast to coast, our goal is to provide targeted insurance solutions for independent, entrepreneurial companies. With roots stretching back to 1913, EMPLOYERS has the experience, financial stability, knowledge and resources to provide the coverage and specialized services that America’s small businesses need.

Claim Services

our 24/7, multi-lingual claim reporting center provides prompt service to injured employees while our Claim Adjusters help you control your claim cost by working with the injured worker and physicians to help evaluate and administer the appropriate care.

Fraud Prevention

Our anti-fraud staff has extensive law enforcement and criminal fraud investigation experience and has saved millions in fraudulent claims costs. Our fraud prevention efforts reduce expenses, which can help lower the cost of workers’ compensation insurance.

Loss Control Services

Our online resources and loss control services help you evaluate the safety risks of your business and identify cost-effective methods to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses, which can improve productivity and long term profitability.

Managed Care Services

We minimize downtime for your injured workers by partnering with carefully selected healthcare providers, expert physician advisors, nurses and claims professionals that provide quality, cost-appropriate and timely care.

The New and Improved PrecisePay® (Pay-As-You-Go) Program

EMPLOYERS has launched a new PrecisePay® (pay-as-you-go) program. The new program is available within the EACCESS® policyholder portal and features many upgrades and new functionality, including a more intuitive payroll entry process with user friendly prompts.

Premium Audit

We understand that the premium audit process can be complex. EMPLOYERS’ seasoned and knowledgeable in-house premium audit staff is available to answer your questions and help you navigate the myriad of workers’ compensation classifications to assist you in accurately classifying your employees.

Return to Work Program

Our return to work program strives to minimize downtime and help get your employees back to work as quickly as their medical condition allows. An Early Return to Work program has numerous potential benefits including increased productivity, improved employee morale and more.

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