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EMPLOYERS® Educational Library

Knowledge and Learning Center for EMPLOYERS Agents & Policyholders

Whether you are an insurance broker, agent, or policyholder, we know your relationship with EMPLOYERS is about taking care of business. And we strive to support your business with more than just workers’ compensation insurance. We offer opportunities to learn and grow your business alongside us, from training and professional development for our agents to self-service content and expert-driven support resources for small business owners.

Ready to get more than just insurance from EMPLOYERS? Start exploring below.

Agent Education

Our training sessions are designed to provide tools and tips that can help our agents build deeper relationships with clients, providing support for policyholders and their workers when they need it most.

Industry Research

Digging a little deeper and taking the time to care are cornerstones of the EMPLOYERS way. Those are the principles that guide our industry content and research efforts.

Small Business Support

From expert-written content to customizable safety and human resources materials, we believe being America’s Small Business Insurance Specialist® is about offering resources to help support business owners with more than just workers’ compensation.