Coronavirus Response

Helping small businesses through challenges and the unexpected is fundamental to workers’ compensation insurance – and central to EMPLOYERS' purpose. We are committed to helping our policyholders, agents and employees navigate the COVID-19 outbreak as best possible within our capabilities.

EMPLOYERS® is committed to remaining a reliable resource and partner for you as we collectively navigate the COVID-19 outbreak. This webpage will be your source to learn of any adjustments we are making in how we deliver service to you.

We’ve proactively taken the following actions to help our partners and policyholders:

Instant Payroll Changes

We’ve enabled the ability to make SAME-DAY payroll updates to reflect changes to business operations as a result of COVID-19, an easy and effective way of providing cash flow relief. Learn more

Cancellation Relief

Given the extraordinary national circumstances, EMPLOYERS offered immediate relief by placing a moratorium on all billing cancellations. We continue to closely follow updates to applicable state laws, mandatory Executive Order extensions, late payments and grace periods. Learn more

Additional Considerations

We’ve temporarily revised policies to enable businesses that did not previously offer delivery services to be able to do so. Learn more

We’ve revised and relaxed re-application criteria for previous customers that experience a lapse in workers’ compensation coverage. Learn more

We’ve issued guidance that no additional actions need to take place on the part of the insured in order to extend coverage to employees temporarily working from home. (Of course, the compensability of any claim depends on the specifics of each individual situation, and is determined by our Claims Department.) Learn more

We remain committed to maintaining our operations and to providing the same levels of service and partnership that you expect from EMPLOYERS. Visit our Coronavirus FAQ page for the latest answers to questions regarding changes in our business practices during this time.

Work From Home Response

EMPLOYERS has transitioned most employees to a work-from-home arrangement. All normal points of contact remain unchanged at this time. While the shift may require some minor adaptations as we – and the nation – adjust to a new normal, there have been no significant interruptions to our business services. Any necessary future changes to our points of contact or specific procedures will be posted here and through our usual communication channels.

We will continue to adhere to the directions and advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and local and state authorities. This may impact our travel schedules and attendance at events and other in-person gatherings.

Trusted Resources

For your convenience, we’ve also provided links to authoritative resources in the menu bar at left.

EMPLOYERS recognizes that this is a difficult time and expect that it will require diligence and flexibility from all of us. Our company was created to help small businesses through challenging times – with our workers’ compensation insurance – and we remain committed to that foundation and to you.