PrecisePay® Features & Benefits

Making Premium Payments Easier with Pay-As-You-Go Automation

PrecisePay is the EMPLOYERS® (pay-as-you-go) payment program that allows policyholders to make smaller, more frequent premium payments each payroll period. PrecisePay calculates workers’ compensation premiums from actual payroll figures you submit, and automatically includes state-mandated assessments, taxes, and surcharges in accordance with state laws. Learn exactly how PrecisePay can help:

How PrecisePay Benefits Your Business

Time & Convenience

Improve Cash Flow

Ease at Audit Time

How Payroll is Reported with PrecisePay

Payroll information can be submitted to EMPLOYERS either by a policyholder or by their approved payroll service provider (view a list of approved providers). Payroll information is reported to EMPLOYERS via a secure website portal by using one of the three following methods:

You set the reporting frequency that’s right for your business; payrolls can be reported weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly.

Get Started with PrecisePay

There is a minimum estimated annual premium to participate, talk to your agent today about enrolling in EMPLOYERS PrecisePay upon your next renewal.

More on Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation

For more information on PrecisePay, check out our frequently asked questions, enrollment and eligibility, and our current list of approved payroll vendors.