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Helpful Tools for Handling an Employee Injury and Workers' Compensation Claim

Addressing the challenges that arise when an employee is injured or becomes ill on the job can be overwhelming. Balancing the immediate need for your employee to receive proper care with the day-to-day demands of running your business may feel impossible. At EMPLOYERS, we are dedicated to giving you and your employee the support you deserve.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Navigating Workplace Injuries for Workers’ Compensation Policyholders

Follow the steps in the guide below and access our valuable resources to learn what you should do when an employee is injured and gain insight into the claims process.

Take action fast! In the first 24 hours, you should prioritize caring for your employee and filing a workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible. This sends a positive message to the injured employee that they are valued.

Prioritize medical care

Make sure the injured employee receives immediate and necessary medical attention.

Injured Employee Hotline

Injured employees who have not yet received medical treatment can call the Injured Employee Hotline to speak with nurses trained to offer non-emergency medical guidance.

(855) 365-6010

If this is a medical emergency, please call 911.

Report the claim

File a workers’ compensation claim with EMPLOYERS. Visit our Report a Claim page to get started.

Beyond basic contact and employment information for the injured employee, it’s helpful to have the answers to the following when submitting a claim:

  • Time, date and location of the injury
  • Nature and/or cause of the injury (fall, laceration, machine error, etc.)
  • Parts of the body that are affected and any previous injuries to those areas
  • How the injury was sustained (lifting, bending, etc.)
  • Witness(es) name(s) and contact information

Avoid delayed filing, which can jeopardize a claim investigation, increase the cost of the claim, and increase the potential for litigation

Support and inform your employee

Share information about workers’ compensation benefits and the claims process with your employee and/or their family members. Being injured at work can be scary and stressful for an employee, so be sure to emphasize your commitment to their health and well-being.

Direct your employee to our claims resources for injured workers or download this guide.

Within the first week, start thinking about the employee’s return to work.

Consider a return-to-work plan

If appropriate, begin putting together a return-to-work plan for your employee, which might require modified work duty or Offsite Transitional Duty.

Throughout the first month and ongoing, communication and supporting your employee while they transition back to the workplace are key.

Keep communication open

Check in with your employee and be compassionate about their situation. Employers who maintain contact with injured workers and show they care tend to have more satisfied employees. Be one of those employers.

Facilitate return to work

Actively help your employee return to the workplace. Arrange for a transitional modified job (light duty) if needed.

Download this guide

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Additional Resources for Policyholders

State Claims Kits

Download a claims kit tailored to your state or access individual state-specific claims documents.

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Pharmacy Benefits & Medical Provider Locator

Help your employee find an authorized healthcare provider in their area for treatment and medications.

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Managed Care Services

Find out about our collaborative approach to minimizing employee downtime and reducing costs.

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Return to Work Program

Learn how we work with you to get your employee back to work as soon as their health allows.

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Fraud Prevention

Discover strategies for preventing workers’ comp fraud and learn who to contact about suspicious claims.

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Risk Advisory Services

Services designed to lower claims costs and foster a positive workplace culture through a focus on safety.

Prioritize Safety

Report a Claim

EMPLOYERS offers five convenient ways to file a workers’ compensation claim.

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