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Safety Culture

Safety Culture is about how people think, feel and interact in relation to safety.

We believe companies with strong safety cultures and leadership, where the employees feel valued and the overall sense of belonging is strong, experience fewer employee injuries and increased levels of motivation, caring, production, teamwork, and enthusiasm.

Not only do we focus on reducing hazards, we focus on helping you improve your safety culture. Our service approach is a process that promotes improvements in leadership, accountability, and communication across all levels of an organization having a positive impact on management systems, workplace culture and bottom line results.

Top Elements of a Safety Culture

We believe the most important elements in determining the depth of a company’s safety culture as well as key areas of focus for fostering the improvement of a company’s safety culture are the following:

Creating a strong and effective safety culture is an ongoing process and is a major commitment on behalf of the entire company. The effort results in a positive attitude toward safety and a reduction in accidents and incidents.

How well does your company demonstrate visible safety leadership? Get started with EMPLOYERS and discover resources to help you build a strong safety culture in your organization.