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Video: Help Prevent Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fraud

Workers’ compensation fraud at your business is a real threat that comes in many forms. Every year, billions of dollars are stolen in the US due to fraudulent claims and misreported business information.

The key to help prevent fraudulent claims is awareness, prevention and identification.

Fraudulent workers’ compensation claims lead to higher premiums, so being educated on how to spot fraud is important in helping keep costs low.

At EMPLOYERS®, all of our policyholders have access to an aggressive anti-fraud program which helps educate business owners on how to identify these crimes.

EMPLOYERS policyholders have access to:

EMPLOYERS’ staff that deal with claims and policies are also trained on how to spot fraud.

Did you know that fraud can be committed by employees or businesses? And sometimes they act in collusion with doctors, attorneys, or other professionals. Common types of workers’ compensation fraud are:

We’re committed to helping our policyholders understand workers’ compensation insurance fraud and establishing a workplace culture where employees are less likely to commit fraud.

We’ll even help educate you on the top warning signs of fraud, such as if treatment is refused by the injured worker, lack of witnesses to the accident, or a delay in reporting the injury without a reasonable explanation.

For over 100 years, we’ve been providing America’s small businesses with cost-effective workers’ compensation insurance.

With our emphasis on fraud prevention, loss control, and fast, efficient claims service, EMPLOYERS focuses on keeping America’s small businesses not only working, but working safely.