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Preparing for Winter Work Hazards | EMPLOYERS Insurance

How can inclement weather impact your business?

While workplace safety should be a year-round priority, winter weather conditions like snow, ice and heavy rain mean business owners need to pay extra attention to keep the workplace safe. Inclement weather can increase safety hazards that could put workers at risk for serious injury.

Here are three workplace risks that can increase during the colder months, as well as practical ways you can address them.

Even if workers do not operate a vehicle as part of their jobs, many may drive to and from work, putting them at risk of getting into a collision or being stranded. Depending on your business, consider adjusting hours of operation, closing altogether, or allowing employees to take leave using vacation time or unpaid leave.

The well-being of your employees should always be a priority. Injuries to employees can reduce productivity and potentially increase workers’ compensation insurance-related costs. By taking precautionary steps to reduce the likelihood of worker injury or illness, business owners can keep their businesses safe and protect their most valuable asset – their employees.