EMPLOYERS® Insurance and the Colorado Restaurant Association

Benefits and Resources for Colorado Restaurant Association Members

The Colorado Restaurant Association works with EMPLOYERS to deliver top-quality workers’ compensation for members and their employees

As the preferred workers’ compensation insurance provider for the Colorado Restaurant Association, EMPLOYERS provides members with an array of services to help reduce workers’ comp risks and keep Colorado’s restaurants and their employees protected. Colorado Restaurant Association members can also receive an 8% credit on their EMPLOYERS policy for immediate cost savings.

EMPLOYERS has been around for over 100 years, and it has been our long-standing goal to help protect hospitality businesses and workers. We’re experts in this industry, ready to help with both work-related injuries and general support when the industry needs it most. Discover why EMPLOYERS is the best choice for your workers’ compensation needs.

Why Colorado Restaurant Association members choose EMPLOYERS for workers’ compensation insurance:

8% Credit

Premium Credit

Along with our already competitive rates, eligible Colorado Restaurant Association members can receive an 8% premium credit to help reduce policy costs.

Cash Flow Assistance Icon

Cash Flow Assistance

Policyholders can better manage their cash flow by taking advantage of our flexible payment plans and low minimum premiums.

Efficient Claim Icon

Efficient Claim Handling

We provide top-notch care that translates into cost control. Our 24/7 multilingual claims reporting service.and claims adjusters work together to find the right care plans for you.

Injured Employee Hotline Icon

Injured Employee Hotline

Immediate care for injured workers is available through our nurse triage hotline. Our team members can also help manage claims costs and provide return-to-work plans, alleviating strain on managers.

Anti-Fraud Programs

Anti-Fraud Programs

Our fraud prevention experts have cost-saving knowledge to lower short-term expenses and long-term policy costs. Our anti-fraud team has saved business owners millions of dollars in fraudulent claims costs.

Loss Control Icon

Risk Advisory Support

We offer solutions to help reduce workplace injuries and illnesses, ultimately resulting in better employee productivity and long-term profitability for your business.

Webinars and Other Educational Opportunities

Webinars and Other Educational Opportunities

Our suite of additional educational services will allow you to stay up to date on worker’s compensation trends, efficient operational practices, employee care, and cost management.

Connect with a local agent in your area now, and join other Colorado Restaurant Association members already part of the EMPLOYERS family.

For more information on the Colorado Restaurant Association and the many benefits that come with membership, visit their website.