When Is An Auto Accident Injury Covered By Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Whether an auto accident injury is covered by a workers’ compensation insurance policy will depend on the circumstances surrounding the vehicle’s use at the time of the collision. The workers’ compensation insurance carrier’s claims department will evaluate each claim on an individual basis to see if the bodily injury qualifies for coverage.

In most cases, an injured employee will qualify for workers’ compensation coverage if the car crash occurred in the course and scope of employment. Relevant factors in the determination of coverage can include whether the:

• Employee was driving from one worksite location to another
• Trip involved making deliveries or running errands for the boss/employer
• Trip involved transporting another employee for business purposes
• Employee is remotely based and is paid for travel time to and from his/her home 1

A car accident may not be covered by a workers’ compensation insurance policy if it occurs while the employee is making a deviation from the work-related route to run a personal errand.

An accident that happens during an employee’s regular commute is generally not covered, although there can be circumstances where it is. Coverage for these cases will be determined by the insurance carrier based on the policy contract.

When it comes to workers’ compensation coverage, it does not matter who is at fault for the car accident. Coverage would include payments for medical bills and lost wages for injuries resulting from the collision.

In the event of a work-related auto accident with injury to employee(s), it is recommended that you submit a notice of loss to your workers’ compensation insurance carrier as soon as possible following the collision.

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