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EMPLOYERS® Loss Control Services

Our online resources, loss control services and employee safety tips help you evaluate the job and safety risks at your business and identify cost-effective methods to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses. These practices can not only improve productivity, but also translate into long term profitability.

Creating a Safety Culture

Loss Control is all about making your workplace safer, because fewer workplace injuries result in lower workers’ compensation insurance premiums. Our Loss Control Department offers a number of resources to help policyholders improve job safety performance. These loss control resources are available at no additional cost to policyholders and can include:

Improving Safety Culture in the Workplace with Loss Control Connection

Loss Control Connection is a robust website providing all EMPLOYERS policyholders with on-demand access to valuable tools and advice to help manage workplace safety and compliance. Loss Control Connection is a complimentary service that saves you time by providing safety and compliance information in one place.

Inside Loss Control Connection:

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