Katherine W. Ong

Katherine W. Ong has served as a Director of Employers Holdings, Inc., EGI and their predecessors since their creation in April 2005. She was also a Director of EICN from January 2000 to March 2007 and a Director of ECIC from August 2002 to May 2004. Since January 1996, she has been the co-founder and Director of Hobbs, Ong & Associates, Inc., a financial consulting group specializing in advisory services for municipal bond financings, problem solving and support. Prior to 1996, she was the Budget Manager for Clark County, Nevada. Ms. Ong is a member of the Government Finance Officer's Association. In 2011, Ms. Ong was appointed to the Nevada Public Employees' Retirement System Board by Governor Brian Sandoval. In 2014, Ms. Ong was appointed to the Carpenters International Certification Board. Ms. Ong received a B.S. degree from the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Acronyms and Terms

  • EAC (Employers Assurance Company)
  • ECIC (Employers Compensation Insurance Company)
  • EGI (Employers Group, Inc.)
  • EHI (Employers Holdings, Inc.)
  • EICN (Employers Insurance Company of Nevada)
  • EIS (Elite Insurance Services, Inc.)
  • ESI (EIG Services, Inc.)
  • EOH (Employers Occupational Health, Inc.)
  • EPIC (Employers Preferred Insurances Company)
  • The Fund (Nevada State Industrial Insurance System)