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Inside Return to Work Program:

Return to Work Program

Our Return to Work Program strives to minimize downtime and help get employees back to work as quickly as their medical condition allows. An Early Return to Work program has numerous potential benefits:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced lost time
  • Improved employee morale
  • Fewer performance issues
  • Faster resolution of claims
  • Reduced claim costs

Basic services that assist in early return to work:

  • Job Site Analysis: An on-site evaluation to help provide a detailed description of required technical skills and the physical requirements of a specific job.

  • Ergonomic Evaluation: An on-site assessment of a specific job—or entire workplace—to evaluate the physical characteristics of the work area and how employees relate to their environment. The goal is to ensure the workplace is safe and efficient.

  • Return-to-Work Coordination: Collaboration among the injured employee, employer and treating physician can facilitate early return to work.

Early return to work benefits may include:

  • Advances the goal of permanent return to work
  • Promotes the healing process
  • Relieves stress due to illness or injury
  • Increases sense of job security
  • Boosts employee morale
  • Improves labor relations
  • Involves management in employee recovery
  • May reduce lost work days