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Employees’ Personal Property and Workers’ Compensation Insurance


If an employee’s personal property is damaged during a workplace injury or accident, is the item covered by the business’s workers’ compensation insurance policy?


Every case is different, and qualification for coverage will depend on the circumstances surrounding how and why the personal item was damaged. The workers’ compensation insurance carrier’s claims department will investigate and consider each claim on an individual basis to see if the damaged personal property qualifies for replacement under the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy. In some cases, the personal property may not be covered by the workers’ compensation coverage, but it may be covered under the liability portion of the business’s commercial property insurance or even by the individual’s homeowners insurance policy. The value of the damaged personal item may also come into consideration. Additionally, an insurance carrier may not cover the loss if any applicable deductible on the policy has not been met. Coverage is determined by applying the policy contract terms to the specific facts present in each individual claim.