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Why Agency Advisory Council Meetings Are Important For EMPLOYERS®

EMPLOYERS® constantly conducts coast-to-coast Agency Advisory Council meetings, and in the video above, EMPLOYERS Social Media Manager Adam Varahachaikol highlights why these meetings are so important for us.

We’ve had the opportunity to meet with account managers and customer service representatives representing insurance agencies across the country to get valuable input on how we can better enhance the customer experience for both our agents and insureds.

Between April 2018 and May 2018, we met with 362 representatives of independent insurance agencies in 45 council meetings across the country.

These meetings gave participants the ability to interact and network with other industry professionals in their local area, including EMPLOYERS leadership. This allowed everyone the opportunity to share and learn from other professionals in the field.

One of the participants was Gabriella Durante, Account Manager with Alpine Insurance in Reno.

“A lot of other carriers should come up with these agency council boards,” she said. “It’s just so informative just see what’s good and what’s working, and I’m very thankful to be on this agency board and just continue to keep working with EMPLOYERS, I think it’s great.”

These meetings are so valuable for EMPLOYERS because constructive dialogue helps us improve the customer experience with EMPLOYERS and shape how we interact with agents and policyholders in the future.

“These council meetings were more like a listening campaign for us,” said Liz McCarthy, EMPLOYERS Territory Sales Manager for Arizona and Nevada. “The council members’ honest and constructive feedback has allowed us to identify areas for product, service, and capability enhancements that will affect agent and policyholder experiences going forward.”

And, participants like Gabriella also received great insight from these meetings.

“The biggest thing that I think I’ve gotten out of these meetings is the insight of what other agencies struggle with, or know about that we don’t know about,” she said. “So, it’s one of those things of like, ‘oh, we’re really struggling with rating this, in this particular spot, is anybody else dealing with this, as opposed to, is it user error?’… So, being able to talk with others about their struggles or things that they know about, like, ‘oh, if you do this trick or that trick, this really works.’”

For Gabriella, she says the Agency Advisory Council Meeting has helped build the relationship between Alpine Insurance and EMPLOYERS.

“Since day one, so I started as a receptionist, just pulling policies, and EMPLOYERS, by far, has always been my favorite. Just so user-friendly, easy to work with, great communication, so they are, for work comp carriers, one of my favorite carriers.”

We want to thank everyone who took part in these meetings, and provided us with thoughtful feedback.

EMPLOYERS is hard at work prioritizing and taking action on many of the suggestions!

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