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6 Ways to Create More Engaging Safety Meetings

Few things draw groans, sighs or yawns from workers quite like calling a staff meeting. Meetings can be tedious and unproductive, annoying interruptions to an otherwise productive workday. But small business owners bear a responsibility to keep employees aligned on company issues, especially safety, and in-person meetings are usually the best way to get teams on the same page.

Safety should be a high priority for all small businesses. Employers have a duty to protect workers from on-the-job injuries and make employees aware of the hazards associated with their workplaces. Effective safety and health programs can save owners $4 to $6 for every $1 they invest, the National Institute of Building Sciences notes. These programs can also boost morale and productivity as well as better control workers’ compensation insurance costs.

Business owners who want to learn how to make safety meetings fun can hold more engaging staff meetings if they make some simple changes.

Here are some practical ideas:

Getting employees engaged in safety meetings is half the battle. Making meetings interactive or memorable can help keep employees engaged.

Here are some fun safety meeting ideas:

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