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EMPLOYERS Off-Site Transitional Duty Program

EMPLOYERS has partnered with Coventry Workers' Comp Services, Inc. (Coventry) to offer an Off-Site Transitional Duty Program that provides short-term work assignments for employees who have temporary medical restrictions that cannot be accommodated by their employer. It is a structured return-to-work program that provides meaningful and productive work at local non-profit organizations.

With the Off-Site Transitional Duty Program, employers are not responsible for creating transitional work or supervising the employee. Coventry will notify the employee of the transitional job offer through a phone call, e-mail (if applicable) and certified mail. The job tasks are within the physical restrictions outlined by the treating physician and assists the employee with being active during medical recovery.

Program Benefits

  • Provides employees short-term work assignments while recuperating from an illness/injury.
  • Reduces lost time days.
  • Non-profit placement within 24 hours (on average) of receiving an approved job description or list of restrictions from the employee's physician.
  • Offers electronic timecard tracking with convenient accessibility for the employer.
  • Gives back to the community.
  • Employers maintain weekly communication with injured/ill employee.

This is a valuable program for both injured/ill employees and their employers. The employee remains productively employed, earning a regular wage and benefits, and expedites recovery and return to full duty. In addition, it relieves employers of the burden of training and supervising an employee on transitional duty, and supports local non-profits.