Welcome to the NEW EACCESS®

EMPLOYERS® continually invests in making it easy for you to work with us. Most of you manage your EMPLOYERS business through the EACCESS® portal. EACCESS has received a thorough makeover, specifically designed for the way agents work now, and for the convenience and ease that policyholders expect. Easily accessible information, an intuitive interface and enhanced security will ensure confidence and convenience across devices and locations. See the brief summary below for a few of the changes you can expect from the New EACCESS portal.


Particularly in light of work-from-home trends, the number of devices and networks used to conduct sensitive business transactions is exploding, creating new potential vulnerabilities. The New EACCESS focuses heavily on security, making sure our system is up-to-date with the latest protocols.

  • Two-factor authentication on new devices stops hackers cold with minimal hassle.
  • An updated password protocol will help stop would-be fraudsters from accessing your account.
  • A more robust hosting environment means increased data security for both agents and policyholders.
  • Regular system updates increase security while offering greater efficiency and easier navigation.

Watch a quick tutorial on the new login setup to help prepare beforehand.


Several components of the New EACCESS are designed to increase ease and flexibility, perhaps none more so than new eBilling options.

  • Ability to set-up AutoPay
  • Ability to make partial payments
  • Ability to search by Policy #, Policy Name, Agent and DBA
  • Detail summary on each account of the Policyholders Installment Schedule
  • The ability for Agents to make payments or set up AutoPay on behalf of policyholders will be added in a subsequent system update


EACCESS puts you in charge. A significantly revised interface brings the most common features to the forefront and makes frequent used tools a snap to find. That’s self-service with a smile!

  • All the tools you need in one place, with the most popular front and center
  • Left and right navigation menus of quick links provide easy access to secondary tools
  • Dynamically search documents and policies, with easy download and email capabilities
  • While designed for quick and convenient self-service, the New EACCESS features many streamlined tutorials to quickly get oriented, and is still backed by one of the best support teams in the business

EMPLOYERS is investing in tools that make workers’ comp less work!


Whatever pace your business runs at, it’s our mission to be one step ahead. Making the New EACCESS mobile-friendly was a key consideration, ensuring your data is available wherever and whenever you need it.

  • Any device, any location
  • A lightweight visual interface for speedy load times
  • Full functionality on most mobile devices, and fully optimized for tablets
  • Intuitive vertical scroll