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EMPLOYERS Empowers Agents to Work From Home

EMPLOYERS Empowers Agents to Work From Home

With more than one-fifth of Americans being asked to “shelter in place,” agents are working from home at unprecedented rates. This can pose a number of challenges in terms of convenience, access, communication and so much more. EMPLOYERS has made a significant investment in technology that will help our agents overcome these challenges.

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workplace health and safety

How Health Plays Into Safety at Work

Healthy employees can make better employees, because health at work impacts safety at work.

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personal protective equipment

Small Business Owner Responsibilities Include Personal Protective Equipment

The more dangerous a job is, the more necessary the addition of personal protective equipment (PPE) becomes, and the responsibility to provide it falls solely on business owners.

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should i file a workers' comp claim?

Should I File a Workers' Compensation Claim?

On-the-job injuries and illnesses happen every day in a variety of workplaces across the United States. The latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows nearly 3 million American workers got hurt on the job in 2017. But how many injuries or illnesses at work rise to the level of needing to involve an insurance company?

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how to conduct a workplace incident investigation

How to Conduct Workplace Incident Investigations

Every small business owner needs to know how to conduct a workplace incident investigation. It’s also in a small business owner’s best interest to cultivate a safe work environment.

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North Carolina workers’ compensation rates

North Carolina Workers' Comp Rate Cut a Boon for Small Business

North Carolina’s more than 890,000 small businesses saw their operational costs go down for the fourth time in five years thanks to a 15.9% workers’ compensation rate cut.

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workplace safety audit

Performing Your Own Annual Workplace Safety Audit

Short of waiting for the results from government inspections, how can owners be sure their own safety programs and strategies continue to meet internal goals and standards? The answer – regular workplace safety audits.

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Texas Workers' Compensation Law

A Quick Guide to Workers' Compensation in Texas

Texas has long prided itself as a rugged and independent republic. It carries a swagger that comes with being the largest contiguous state, the second-most populous state, the second-largest economy in the nation and home to 48 Fortune 500 companies. So, it‘s not surprising Texas also has an independent streak when it comes to workers’ compensation insurance.

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loss run report

What is a Loss Run Report and How Can It Benefit Your Small Business?

A Loss Run report is an important tool that provides small business owners a clear picture of their claims history and shows how losses can potentially contribute to increased premium costs. For this reason, a Loss Run report is one of the most important documents to regularly review and understand.

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how to make safety meetings fun

6 Ways to Create More Engaging Safety Meetings

Business owners who want to learn how to make safety meetings fun can hold more engaging staff meetings if they make some simple changes. Here are some practical ideas.

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Real estate agent safety

Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents Showing Homes

REALTORS and real estate agents put themselves at risk any time they show a house. The prospective buyers are usually strangers. Agents are often alone in the house and may overlook warnings signs and peculiarities about prospective buyers because they are trained to be polite and accommodating. They are vulnerable, and predators know it.

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Workers’ comp insurance for small business

A Restaurant Owner’s Guide to Workers’ Compensation

The relaxed, comfortable atmosphere restaurant patrons enjoy in the dining room bears little resemblance to the fast-paced, often stressed-out world in the back of the house. The frenetic pace behind the scenes in the kitchen, storage areas and loading docks creates an environment where injuries can easily occur.

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Return-to-work light duty policy

What Small Business Owners Should Know About Return-to-Work Programs

Communication between a small business owner, its workers’ compensation provider and the injured employee is vital to making the return-to-work process run smoothly.

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Amazon Alexa in hotels

What to Know About Amazon Alexa in Hotels

As Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant continues its march toward American household ubiquity, its push to become a permanent guest in most hotel rooms has gained steam.

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Proper Desk Ergonomics Tips (Office ASMR Video)

Though often overlooked, sitting at a desk, staring at a computer and typing all day can cause minor to severe injuries. Slouching, improper monitor placement and unsuitable desk height can lead to ailments such as back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and eyestrain. Here are tips to help you and your employees avoid injuries commonly caused by working at a desk.

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Video interview with Doug Dirks

EMPLOYERS Has Evolved into a Fully National Carrier!

As a fully national carrier, EMPLOYERS is now there for our agents and policyholders in all states – from Alaska to Hawaii to New York, and everywhere in between.

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N.J. workers’ compensation law

N.J. Workers' Compensation Law Change Benefits Carriers and Small Businesses

The ruling benefits workers’ compensation insurers in New Jersey by letting them independently pursue more subrogation cases for recovery. It gives carriers a more equal voice.

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plastic straw alternatives for restaurants

Should Your Business Join the No Straw Movement?

Sometimes, small changes can have a big impact. That’s the notion behind an environmental movement that aims to eliminate single-use plastic drinking straws as a way to help reduce the amount of plastic that pollutes the planet.

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