Crowd Control During Retail Sales Events

Crowd-related injuries during special retail sales and promotional events have increased during recent years, both as certain products have become more popular and as people have tightened their budgets. Unfortunately, stories about crowd-related injuries and fatalities make the news every year.

OSHA requires that employers provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace. As a result, OSHA encourages employers to adopt effective safety and health management tools to identify and eliminate work-related hazards, including those caused by large masses of people during busy shopping times such as the holiday season.

The guidelines in this article are designed to help your workers in avoiding injuries during a busy shopping season or other crowded event. Much like other preventive methods, crowd management planning should begin well in advance of the event or season.

If your facility anticipates a large crowd, consider the following planning guidelines well in advance of the event:

Planning Guidelines

Prevent a crowd-related injury during major sales events and plan ahead to keep employees and customers safe.

Pre-Event Set Up Preparations

During Your Sales Event

During your sales event, be sure to pay attention to your employees and customer at all times, and keep the following in mind:

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