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Digital Solutions and APIs at EMPLOYERS®

Unmatched Flexibility in Digital Workers' Compensation Technology

For businesses expanding into digital insurance, EMPLOYERS provides flexible, reliable, and easy-to-implement digital solutions (APIs) that are boosting our reputation across the insurance industry. With well-established digital workers’ compensation relationships from coast-to-coast, discover what makes our digital strategy special below, and find out if our APIs could be a good fit for you.

APIs Made Easy: Adding EMPLOYERS Workers’ Compensation to Your Digital Platform

Implementing new APIs doesn’t have to take months. EMPLOYERS has worked hard to build digital workers’ compensation solutions and expertise to deliver a customized experience that is easy to implement and support, FAST.

What our Clients are Saying

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Whether you are an agency ready to plug into our digital quoting technology, or are interested in connecting through or becoming one of our API technology providers, EMPLOYERS is ready to work with you.

Modular Endpoints

With over 25 API endpoints, we don’t just stop at Quote and Bind. At EMPLOYERS, we’re passionate about elevating the entire customer experience and policy lifecycle. Here is a snapshot of the solutions we are providing digital customers today:


  • Appetite Checker
  • Reservation Checker
  • Agency Validation


  • New
  • Change


  • Underwriting Questions
  • Submission Documents
  • Refer to Underwriting


  • Instant Quotes
  • Deep Link


  • Bind
  • Owner/Officer Questions
  • Bill & Pay

Post Bind

Our digital workers’ compensation API is also built to make our relationship and payment transactions seamless, so billing is a breeze for both insurance agencies and their policyholders, and the technology providers we team up with.

Best-in-Class Consulting, Sales and Technical Support

When you choose EMPLOYERS workers’ compensation API, you’re getting step-by-step instructions, delivered by experienced professionals who care about your success. Here’s how it works:

  • Planning & Development

    We listen to your needs and provide advice on how to create a digital solution customized specifically for your goals.

  • Implementation

    Simple, step-by-step technical guides and consulting for your business and IT development teams.

  • Insurance Accessibility

    EMPLOYERS’ API covers our full appetite, roughly 75% of all U.S. small businesses, regardless of premium size or state.

  • Tech Support

    Our Client Relationship Managers and IT Development Teams are hands on with your questions and provide consistent updates to keep your business moving.

  • Sales Success

    We care about your performance! We are dedicated to your success after implementation and provide regular business consulting and technical support.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page below for more details around EMPLOYERS API and digital workers’ comp integrations.

Digital Workers Compensation FAQ

What Does Digital Mean to EMPLOYERS?

Innovation is key. We’re continuously evaluating and enhancing our digital solutions to better meet the needs of our customers. And our team of experts are proud digital workers’ compensation advocates:

Basilios M. discusses EMPLOYERS digital workers' compensation support trends

Basilios M.

“We are in the midst of truly digitizing Commercial Lines as an industry. InsurTech is a passion of ours, and keeping up on the latest trends and technology allows us to help our team innovate. EMPLOYERS is embracing technology to meet our customers where and how they want to be met.”

Diantha K. discusses EMPLOYERS digital workers' compensation support values

Diantha K.

“APIs and other digital solutions are a serious game changer. Having the ability to work with our partners from conception to completion is truly rewarding. I am so proud that EMPLOYERS recognizes the value here, and invests in the talent and resources to make our digital model a success.”

Chris C. discussing EMPLOYERS digital workers' compensation innovation

Chris C.

“Innovation is to creatively solve for a problem. Our team is dedicated to finding solutions that cater to customers’ needs and wants. I’m grateful to work with a group that pushes the boundaries and has ultimately created an environment where EMPLOYERS is a leader in the digital space.”

Have Questions about Digital Workers’ Compensation?

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