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Digital Workers’ Compensation FAQ

Answers to Common Questions About APIs and Digital Workers’ Compensation

From streamlining document intake to multi-carrier quoting, EMPLOYERS® has pre-built insurance technology that is ready to begin using today–no technical skills required. Whether you’re an insurance agency or digital solution provider, our digital workers compensation insurance experts are here to answer common questions to get you started–check out the FAQs below.

API & Digital Solutions 101

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It’s a piece of software integration that allows two applications to work together to seamlessly interact and exchange information.

Do I need to be technically savvy to set my company up with one of these digital partners?

Not at all! We have a dedicated team to help consult you on what we think is the best fit both technically and from a business standpoint. This will allow you to focus on what you do best: build more client relationships and sell more.

Specific Features and Functionality

We want to build a self-service storefront on our website, so our small business customers can get immediate insurance quotes, binds, and/or service their policy. Can you help?

Yes, whether you’re a retail agency, wholesale agency, MGA, and/or Insurtech, many of our digital solutions providers can help and already have a ready-to-use interface and API integration with us.

If you are building your own customer experience and want to directly access our APIs please check out our digital solutions page and contact us.

I’m looking for a comparative rater to help my agents more efficiently quote our small business customers in real time. Can you help?

Yes, many of the digital solutions providers listed here can help. We work with some of the best comparative raters in the industry who already have an API integration with us.

If you are building your own comparative rater and want to directly access our APIs, get an overview of our systems on our digital solutions page and contact us for details.

Our insurance company wants to offer EMPLOYERS mono-line workers comp product alongside our other products. Can you help?

Yes, our mono-line workers compensation approach is perfect for carrier alliances, and we’ve been working with several of these providers for many years. Please contact us and tell us more about your organization.

Can you embed your digital solutions into a franchise, association, financial services or similar website?

Yes, we have created successful integrations in all these areas, and would love to hear more about what you have in mind. Please connect with us to see how we can help.

Costs and Getting Started

Does EMPLOYERS charge for access to your APIs?

Not to worry, we do not charge you to access our APIs. We do, however, have strict controls in place for security and safety, and a team dedicated to making sure our digital partnership is successful.

Do your digital partners charge?

This varies by provider. Some are free and some do charge, depending on exactly what software of theirs you will be using. We recommend that you get a personal demo and discuss costs directly with each provider you have an interest in partnering with.

I’m not sure where to start, can you help me with planning and development?

Absolutely. We listen to your needs and provide advice on how to build a digital solution customized specifically for your goals. Contact us to get started today.

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