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Expanding #EmployersEasy with IVANS Download

As part of our promise to continually invest in digital technology that makes workers’ compensation insurance easier, EMPLOYERS is partnering with IVANS for added access and quicker quoting from the products and systems you’re already using day-to-day. Learn how you can join other EMPLOYERS agents utilizing IVANS Download™ to work smarter while building your book of business with the EMPLOYERS family.

IVANS Download

What workers’ compensation insurance agent wouldn’t want policy administration and management tasks to be easier? Join over 1,400 other EMPLOYERS agents who are already using IVANS – here are a few of the advantages:

How to Get Started with IVANS Download

To take advantage of the time savings IVANS Download brings to the table, follow these three steps:

  • Have your agency’s administrator complete the IVANS Download registration form online.Note: You will need your EMPLOYERS agency code(s), your agency’s current IVANS Y-Account number and IVANS mailbox information to complete the registration form. If you need help finding your IVANS account information, please reference our FAQs.
  • Configure your Agency Management System to receive downloads from EMPLOYERS. EMPLOYERS configuration information, including a list of compatible agency management systems, can also be found in our FAQs.
  • Wait for notification from EMPLOYERS that IVANS Download is turned on for your agency. When IVANS Download becomes available for your agency, we will send an email to the contact person listed on your registration form from step one above.

If you have any questions along the way, your EMPLOYERS Territory Manager is ready to help. Start simplifying with IVANS Download today!

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