Workers Compensation Insurance in Kansas (KS)

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Located at the geographical center of the contiguous United States, Kansas is home to numerous historical trails including the Lewis and Clark, Pony Express, Oregon, and Santa Fe. Kansas was also made famous by Dorothy, her little dog Toto, and that wonderful Wizard of Oz. The Sunflower State has also produced such luminaries as Buster Keaton, and Gone with the Wind’s Hattie McDaniel.

The economy of Kansas is driven by agriculture. The state ranks high in the national output of cattle, sheep, hogs, wheat, sorghum, soybeans, and corn. With all the oil fields in the western part of the state, Kansas ranks 8th nationally for oil and gas output. Kansas also hosts numerous Fortune 500 companies which specialize in telecommunications, automotive manufacturing, aviation, meat production, insurance, and package delivery.

Beyond the big corporations, most of the economy is driven by small firms, which make up 96.8% of the businesses in the state. These businesses provide paychecks to 53.4% of all private-sector employees.1 Many small firms are in the construction, retail trade, scientific and technical services, and health care industries. Whatever the source of their business, Kansas employers are obliged to provide workers’ compensation insurance for their employees if their annual payroll gross is $20,000 or more, and if they operate within an industry other than agriculture. A licensed insurance agent should be consulted to determine the needs of your business.2

What are the Kansas Workers’ Compensation Insurance Requirements?

In Kansas, an employer who has one or more full-time or part-time employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance. There are exceptions for those who are in certain agricultural pursuits or have a gross annual payroll of $20,000 or less a year. Realtors who qualify as independent contractors, firefighters belonging to a firefighter’s relief association that has waived coverage, sole proprietors and partners, and certain owner-operator vehicle drivers are exempt from workers’ compensation insurance.3

Kansas Workmans’ Comp Coverage You Need

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