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EMPLOYERS Pharmacy Benefit Management program offers access to Point of Sale and Mail Order Pharmaceuticals. We utilize prospective, concurrent and retrospective clinical protocols, along with a drug formulary designed specifically for workers’ compensation injuries and diseases. To see your pharmacy information and providers, please select from the list below, the state in which your injury occurred.

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To obtain provider information in your area, please select from the list below, the state in which your injury occurred.

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Three Things to Look Out For when Reviewing a Workers’ Compensation Loss Run Report

A loss run report is an important tool that provides business owners a clear picture of their claims history and shows how losses can potentially contribute to increased premium costs. For this reason, a loss run report is one of the most important documents to regularly review and understand. If you notice any discrepancies or have questions about the information reported in your loss run report, contact your agent or workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

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Workers Comp Fraud

Fraud: Don’t Get Caught Red-Handed

In the case of policy-related fraud, these individuals intentionally misrepresent their business in an attempt to pay less workers’ compensation insurance premium than is rightfully owed. This type of fraud can negatively impact the workers’ compensation system in many ways, including higher insurance premiums for honest, law-abiding business owners; unfair business advantages for perpetrators due to their reduced operating costs; and inaccurate commissions for insurance agents. Here are three important things business owners can do to help make sure they are in compliance and not committing policy-related fraud.

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