Workers Compensation Insurance in Nevada (NV)

Small Business Coverage and Peace of Mind

While most people think major casino corporations dominate Nevada’s economy, the Silver State is home to more than 223,000 small businesses.1 These independent businesses represent 95.6% of Nevada’s employers and provide paychecks to over 418,000 people, or roughly 42% of the state’s private-sector workforce. From hotels and resorts, to cattle ranching and mining, to restaurants and retail stores, Nevada’s workers’ compensation needs are as diverse as the small businesses that fuel the state’s economy.2

What are the Nevada Workers’ Compensation Insurance Requirements?

From restaurant suppliers to slot machine repair services, all Nevada employers who have at least one employee must carry workers’ compensation insurance.3 Business owners can face fines up to $15,000 if they fail to obtain workers’ compensation insurance. Furthermore, Nevada workers’ compensation is an exclusive remedy. This no-fault insurance program provides benefits to employees who are injured on the job while protecting employers from costly lawsuits.

Nevada Workers’ Compensation Laws

Business owners should be aware of a few key NV workers’ compensation laws. An injured employee must notify his or her employer of their injury within seven days of the accident, but ideally as soon as possible. From there, the employee has 90 days to file a workers’ compensation insurance claim with their company’s insurance provider. The insurer will then decide whether to approve or deny the claim and must notify the injured employee within 30 days.

What are the Nevada Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Once a claim is accepted, an injured employee can be eligible for a range of benefits, depending on the extent of the injury. These include:

Additionally, NV workers’ comp laws allow injured employees to petition to reopen their claim at any time. If a doctor can confirm that the employee’s injuries have worsened, their cases may be reassessed and new or additional benefits could be available.


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In Nevada, Workers’ compensation insurance and services are offered through Employers Preferred Insurance Company, Employers Compensation Insurance Company, Employers Insurance Company of Nevada and Employers Assurance Company. Not all insurers do business in all jurisdictions.